2006 Pops the Big Top

2007 KOE Shakes Its Booty

2008 The West Is History

10th Anniversary

2009 Fables & Fairy Tales

2010 KOE In A Holidaze

2014 KOE A Knight In Camelot

2013 KOE Barnyard Bash

2012 KOE It's A Jungle Out There

2011 XIII Is Spaced Out

2017 KOE Off To See The Wizard

2016 KOE In Wonderland

2015 KOE Comes Together

Photo courtesy of Tim Brunty

    2019 KOE In Toy Land

2018 KOE Salutes the King 20th Anniversary

    2020 KOE Super Heros vs. Villians

past themes

   2021 KOE Throws A Luau